Crystal Healing Consultations

As an intuitive and certified crystal healer, Kira offers crystal healing consultations to support you on your journey to becoming your best self. 

The consultation is a deep dive into your healing journey; we take a look at your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being, along with any other areas you wish to have support with. 

Unlike other consultations, our process is simple. After purchasing the consultation, you will receive a form to fill out. This allows me to intuitively create a crystal healing guide tailored specifically to you and your needs. I intuit the best crystals for you and exactly how to use them tailored to you and your lifestyle.

I believe crystal healing should be implemented throughout your day-to-day life, self-care and habits, to really elevate your healing journey. From knowledge and experience, I see a bigger difference in my clients that have incorporated crystals into your their daily life. 

This is for you if...

you are on a healing journey

you feel stuck/need guidance

you are new to crystals/unsure where to start

you want to know what crystals are best suited for you

you want to invest in yourself through the healing power of crystals

you are having trouble working with crystals/struggling to connect with crystals

you want to learn more about crystal healing and the powers that it holds

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase the consultation below. You will receive a form via email to fill out. Once that is received, Kira intuitively creates a crystal guide specific to you.

Once your consultation is completed, Kira will email you a document with your consultation. It'll be yours to access forever!

There is an option on the form to include crystals already in your collection. If these are suitable for your needs, Kira will let you know how to work with them in your guide.

Yes, Kira will suggest the best ways to work with each crystal suited to your habits and lifestyle.

Yes, we honour and respect your privacy. All information is kept private and confidential.

Crystal Healing Consultation - My Sacred Soul

Crystal Healing Consultation

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