the crystal healer

meet kira

I am the founder of My Sacred Soul, an intuitive empath and a dog mum to two! A combination of knowledge, intuition and spiritual experiences has transformed my life.

My journey with crystals began when I was 17. My mum took me to my first crystal shop and from there I wanted to learn everything and anything about the crystal world! My favourite crystal is black tourmaline and I've worn it every day for the past 5 years!

Our Story

I founded My Sacred Soul in 2021, during lockdown, a time where people were filled with uncertainty (including myself) and needed a little magic in their lives.

As someone who has suffered with their mental health most of their life, I've dabbled in lots of alternative therapies to seek help. Crystal healing was a complete game changer for me! By incorporating crystals into my every day life, I was able to get myself out a place I never thought I would.

I decided I wanted to help people change their lives through the power of crystals, so I began studying and became a certified crystal healer and now advanced certified healer, passing both with distinction (a proud moment for me).

Between having a strong intuition, studying and developing my own spirituality, My Sacred Soul was born.

My Sacred Soul isn’t just a place to buy crystals, it’s a vehicle to support your journey to becoming your best self.  

I offer all the knowledge I wish someone had given me when I was finding my way! My Sacred Soul is somewhere you can count on to find the answers you are looking for.

I also offer consultations to intuitively select crystals to fit all of your needs and support you in areas you wish to grow in. I work these crystals into your every day life, completely tailored to you. 

My Sacred Soul is about YOU and YOUR journey.